Hello guys !

I spent the day in Shoreditch (I’m going there very often on Sundays, I love it!), where we took some pictures of an outfit, as always, but where I discovered some great stuff. I created this blog to share my daily outfits, but also to talk a bit about London, and I think it worth it…

First, I discovered this new shop called Ragyard. You know, that kind of shop where, just by seeing the window, you give your cup of coffee to your bf saying “wait for me here”. The style of their creations is just amazing. A lot of embroideries, a mix of rock pieces with ethnic vibes, a decoration with this little Urban Outfitters style we love, WE LOVE IT ! If you pass by in Shoreditch or Portobello, please don’t miss it… Their instagram here : @ragyard

Then, you might know that I love old rock music. The Beatles, the Doors, Pete Doherty, that’s my kind of music. Today, while we were walking, I heard this guy singing, and I had to stop. Unfortunately, he hasn’t published any song on internet, but you can see some of his videos on his Facebook page here : Cam Cole . If you like rock music, you’ll love as much as I do !

I leave you with some pictures, and wish you a great week !

With love, x






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