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A different post for today, as I had the great opportunity to interview the blogger Isabel Selles, from the blog, that I really like.

I discovered her blog few months ago, and her style has everything I love : rock, heels, ripped jeans, classy, and from London.

You guys know that last week, I had my exams at Marangoni for the first term. One of the thing asked was a reflective journal, including editorials, our own definition of fashion, and anything that inspires us, from the jumper of our mom to Kim Kardashian (kidding) (well no kinding, I actually put an editorial of Kim K).

My main inspiration is blogs. Before to buy a product or a style of clothes that I usually don’t wear, I’m always referring to blogs, that I trust more than magazines.

Isabel has been the first person I thought about to include an interview. I also wanted to know her better, to discover the woman behind her pictures and her stylish outfits. She was very accessible and super kind by email.

For me, Isabel is a bit the Londoner version of Carrie Bradshaw, with her style influenced by 60s, 70s, 80s, the independent working girl, going around the capital with her stilettos and her sunglasses. And her face makes me think to Brigitte Bardot younger, isn’t it?

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When did you start blogging ?

I started 2 years or so… just for fun! 

What are you expecting in the future with your blog?

Expect the unexpected! I live life day-to-day and my blog lets me improve myself in many ways and I love that.

What does inspire you? (designer, period of time)

Everything! people, photos, London.   Although I’m thinking about leaving London, it’s a city which inspires me a lot, streets, people, buildings… I’m not sure if I’ll be able to survive without this drug

What are the basics for a stylish wardrobe? 

Blazers,  white shirts and a huge variety of shoes

Do you really follow fashion trends in magazines or in shows to keep up with trends for your blog? 

I love fashion, I’ve read magazines all my life. I remember being at school surrounded by books, uniforms,rules, and Vogue was the highlight of the month! I cut and collected my favourite photos – I loved the quality, the models’ poses… I had no idea about photoshop, lights, design… what is now my life.

How did you manage do get an audience (followers)? 

Well, I don’t do much… that’s why I haven’t got many! 😛 I’m just a person who shares her looks … I love when people like my outfits but I don’t like to begg, I won’t leave a comment just to get a new follower…

What would you advise to “new born bloggers”

Work, work and then, work harder. Pay close attention to small details as they will  make you different…  It isn’t easy but if’s very gratiying.



NB : I’m thinking about putting the work I did for my exams last week, if some of you are thinking to go to Marangoni or are interested, don’t hesitate to tell me if you would like me to publish it, so you can see how a fashion styling exam looks 🙂




  1. 16/12/15 / 0 h 39 min

    I like Isabel’s style a lot. Thanks so much for your visit and comment xoxoxo

  2. 16/12/15 / 17 h 40 min

    look amazing, great skinny
    NEW OUTFIT on my blog… I’d love to know your opinion
    I wish you an happy day
    a big kiss
    <<< fashion blogger >>>

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