Today I’m talking eyebrows!

I went to the Atelier to restructure my brows, to give them a shape. Unfortunately, I’ve been waxing them for years, which completely broke the hairs, so it’s really hard for me to grow them. Also, they have like a round shape, that I couldnt modify with the pencil.

L’atelier du sourcil is located next to Oxford Circus, going out from Tottenham Court Rd station – really easy to find. When I went there, I met Sarah. Really kind, sociable, and living in London since 3 months, like the institute. Sarah took the time to explain me in details what she was going to do, how are my eyebrows and what I should do to shape them once they are waxed.

She also taught me how to put make up on it, and show me how to put some pencil along the lower part of the eyebrow, as “that’s where hairs don’t grow”.

Just for you to know, I first went to the brow bar Blink, where the lady told me that my brows where too thin to do anything… You can then understand how happy I was when I saw l’Atelier du Sourcil here!



No pigmentation, just waxing with a tweezer, and even if I have to grow them more, we can see that they now have a shape, and seem more “filled”. (Please don’t mind this horrible spot!)

If my brows can’t grow more (and I think they won’t), I still can do a pigmentation, a permanent tattoo, or do a volumabrow, a service half way between pencil (too short?) and the pigmentation (too permanent?), because this only last for 3 weeks. Basically, they will shape you eyebrow by giving it volume with a gel put on your skin, coating the hairs.

I have to say that I’ve always been tempted by pigmentation but I’m really afraid of the “permanent” side. The Volumabrow is a way to try during three weeks time. You can see some pictures of the Volumabrow on the Facebook page of the Atelier (click here). The result is honestly surprising and super natural.



On this occasion, (and because we are all broke after these festivities), I’m proposing you a contest on my Instagram to win a restructuration (what I did, worth 30£), and a Volumabrow (worth 75£).

How to participate :

  1. Follow my Instagram (@anaelle.cdt) and the one of l’atelier du sourcil UK (@latelierdusourciluk)
  2. Repost this picture on your Instagram with the hashtag DEARVOGUExATELIERUK
  3. Comment my Insta picture once it is done

You have until next Tuesday (12/01), 5 pm. The winner will be revealed on my Instagram page, and I will send a private message to the one chosen. 🙂

The contest is opened for the London Institute only. Have a great week x 🙂

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