Hello guys !

This post is a bit different because I’m gonna tell you about my experience at the London Fashion Week ! Last year, I went at the entrance of the Topshop Unique show, and it will look a bit silly for some people, but my dream was to attend this show. Ok, I haven’t been able to go, but in a week, I had the opportunity to attend around 15 shows and events ! I didn’t really sleep because I had to wake up every single day at 5 am to work in Zara, but it has been unreal and an amazing (amazing!) souvenir !

I’ve been quite surprised because I though it would be a lot more glamourous. Also, I didn’t really notice any great style in the streets or at the shows, and most of the events were showing things you could never wear in the life of everyday… Another little chock was the models. I guess they must be under a big pressure and I saw some fainting or walking like zombies…

Ok that was the kind of “bad” stuff, because during a week, I had stars in my eyes ! We laughed a lot, the events were for some absolutely incredible, goodie bags were good (oh yeaaaa) and I have so many memories in head. By doing this video, I realize that London is full of great surprises, of opportunities to grow and full of things to discover !

Unfortunately I didn’t record a lot with my camera, but I did a lot of snapchats, so here’s a little mix !

So I leave you to it and don’t hesitate to leave me a comment !

PS : Happy birthday little blog ! It has now been a year since I started. Day after day, I manage to build a little community and all your comments, either here or on social medias, make me wake up with the smile and the great envy to give it all ! xxx



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