For those who don’t know, the Istituto Marangoni is a fashion and design school created in 1935. They have 4 campus (London, Paris, Milano and Shangai), and are said to have 90% placement rate after graduation. Even though the school is quite expensive, (I paid 14 400 for the year) it’s supposed to worth it. On my blog I will talk a lot about the school, its events, the projects that we have to do etc, so you guys will know how it is and I hope it will help you to decide if you wanna work in fashion.

I chosed the fashion styling course. If I really sum it up it’s all about communicating fashion, through medias, photography, cinema, editorial etc. They also do fashion design and fashion business.

So ! Today was my induction day; I will be really starting the course on Monday.

We were all asked to come at 1 pm at the school. Although it’s not that big, the building is really design and amazing.

I came there at 12:50 and it was… long. We are mainly girls. Girls who are gonna work in fashion. How does that sound? Like a big competition of who is gonna be the most stylish for the first day and everybody talking to each other faking smile and screaming some “oh my god me too” like you gonna be my best friend? Yes. Sounds like that.

No I’m going too far. No I’m not ! But it’s funny to see ! English girls are so different than french girls.

Anyway ! After waiting we got called to collect our welcome pack and scan our ID. The welcome pack is mainly papers : you got your student card, your schedule for the year, a resume of what you gonna study term by term, and some other administrative things. After that we sat in a conference room and for two hours we were explained the course, its unit, again term by term, everything really well detailed.

The staff is really cool. They are all really smiling, reassuring, and you can feel that they are here if you have a problem or if you don’t understand something. The man that explained everything to us was Italian, was really funny and really welcoming.

I found them really serious and contrary to what I could read on internet I found really organized.

I’m going a bit more in the details for those who would like to study there : so on the first term we have 5 mains topics : Fabrics and materials (basically not designing but really understand how things are made), history of art and dress, style analysis, photography, Styling and digital design. We have in total 15 hours per week. But they said that we will have double of homework of course.

I’m really over excited to start on Monday and will tell you more as soon as I start.


An Istituto Marangoni student,

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