Yesterday, Saturday, on the advice of a friend, we went to Notting Hill. Let’s not lie I went there also to visit the famous library of the movie Notting Hill which actually is a.. tattooshop that they reorganized just for the movie ! #fuck

Anyway, we went to the Kitchen and Pantry for an english breakfast. If you have a look at the critics on Google, trust them : customer service is horrible. I can imagine that serving coffees is not passionating but they can be a minimum polite. That being said, they are really fast et food is nice.

On Saturday, there’s the big Portobello Market that I loved. Lots of clothes, vintage, old disks et good food(lots of french stuffs!). Lots of good rock band in the street (english style), a good atmosphere. 

Little tips for those who don’t know : Go to the Electric Cinema. It’s a cinema which projects auteur films ou movies from the 60s, 70s and 80s, that you can watch on big sofas enjoying a nice glass of wine.

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