Hello guys !

So are you also back to school? I might be a bit late, but my first day was two days ago ! Back to uni, cold setting in, I can smell autumn… And new trends ! It’s still time to wear skirts (well that time is almost over as I was about to die). I like to associate rock and sexy pieces to other more sober. I had a crush on that jumper the other day and I can’t stop wearing it ! It has also been a long time that I wanted a patent skirt, and even if I was afraid that it’s a bit too short, it’s still perfect.

I was thinking to write a post about my second year at Marangoni (I’m in second year of fashion styling), explaining the new topics and what we are going to do this year (I’m so so so excited and can’t wait to tell you about it!)

I hope you’ll like the look and don’t hesitate to leave me a comment to tell me what you think 🙂


Pictures by Maud

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