Slip dress in winter


I don’t know you, but I just can’t stand wearing black in winter anymore. The thing is, it is so cold, it’s so dark, and the only thing you want is to sleep, so you don’t even bother to find something a bit “cool” to wear (trust me, I know what I’m talking about). But this year, I say no ! And I say yes to pastel colors, cool outfits, heels (yes!), and originality (and I also say a big yes to be motivated to get properly dressed in the morning).

When we think about it, winter is the coolest season to get stylish ! Summer, yeah nice, pompoms, ethnic stuff, but winter, my friends, there are so many cool shoes, coats, bags, scarves, dresses, tights, and that’s way more funny to get build cool outfits.

If you overlook how wrinkled is my dress, let’s talk about it ! I found it in H&M. I spent the entire summer to look for a slip dress to wear on top of a jumper. I’m not a size 34 (either 36) (either 3… ok I stop), and I was more looking like a Michelin Man than anything else. But this dress is so perfect !

As I’m kind of dying of cold under 21° (max temperature for a summer in London), I paired it with my cute warm jumper from Zara. Easy, warm, kind of elaborate and.. not even black. There we are !

I wish you a great week-end,

love love love x

Slip dress from H&M, Jumper from Zara, Boots from Topshop

Photos by Maud 










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