Hey guys !

I hope all is well ! For my side, it’s been a crazy week. Magazine on Monday and Tuesday, Zara the rest of the week, and I miss my little blog ! I met Séverine yesterday in Sloane Square to take a few pictures. Despite the rain (we had to wait almost 40 minutes in a café), we managed to do something cool, well I’m happy with it 🙂

Sales… so what should we say? Actually I don’t think we should talk about it as my bank account is really pissed off at me. I bought so many things, and I’m preparing a haul video to show you everything. Alejandro (my bf) is convinced that I got a mental problem… probably I do.

So in my big big crush, these mules ! I hate (hate!!!) heels. I don’t know how real girls do but I just can’t. And these ones? They are like slippers !

I hope you’ll like these pictures and wish you a great week-end !

With love !

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