The 5 Coolest Place To Eat In London


Hello guys !

It’s gonna be a year that I’m in London, and I have to say that sometimes, time out is not always the best to find a cheap, good and original place to eat. This month, I went to great places that worth to be shared ! Wether it is to have an ice-cream, a drink or to eat the best brunch ever, here are my five best address in London 🙂



lepainquotidien lepainquotidien-2

Even though Le Pain Quotidien is a chain, I had never seen any in London before, and I went there just because the place I wanted to go was packed. After looking at the menu, which was full of tempting delicious things, I chose a classic brunch, to check how it looks like… And people, I can finally say it loud : THE BEST BRUNCH OF LONDON ! The dish I took cost 14ÂŁ, but it so much worth it. Squeezed orange juice, hot drink, and such an amazing platter…



milktraincafe milktraincafe-london

Located next to Charing Cross station, Milk Train Cafe is the place to go for an ice cream… But not any ice-cream, because it’s an ice-cream on a cloud ! You can choose between chocolate, vanilla and matcha, and for a pound more, your ice-cream will have a beautiful candyfloss around it. My advice : hurry and take your insta picture before it melt on your hands and stick for the rest of the day…



askforjanice-london askforjanice-interior askforjanicelondon askforjanice1

The interior of this place is just so stylish and comfy. And the staff is adorable ! To be honest, I didn’t like the coffee at all. Also, don’t take pancakes if you are hungry, because the portion is really small… But my friends, the avocado toast (and God knows I had a lot), the best!




Image from The Culpepper

The concept is so original : a farm on a rooftop ! When we see the bar downstairs, it looks like a normal english pub. But when you go upstairs, you’ll have an amazing rooftop with lots of little plants growing. Expect to queue during the week end, but during the week, you’ll only have to wait a few minutes. Little detail : no cigarette on the rooftop !




Image from

The first time I took some pictures with Maud, we went in that former parking. It’s huge, and inside, everything is totally chocking pink. When you get upstairs, a massive rooftop with a bar in the corner and some cute tables ! You’ll have an amazing view, enjoying your drink !


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