Bonjour bonjour and happy sunday!

It’s actually my first day off since at least two weeks. Between the university and my job at Zara, I don’t have any day to rest and omg it is so good! This morning we went to the exhibition Alcohol & Art at the Tate Britain. It is nice, but small, don’t go just for that. Some pictures in the cold but beautiful streets of London, and then a Starbuck to get warmer, with a conversation “Plastic christmas tree! No real christmas tree!”. We finally agreed that we’ll get a fake christmas tree and a small real one for the desk.

My black friday killed my wallet but I got a smile on my face until the end of the month. I did my little selection that I put on hold in the different shops on thursday evening, so I could avoid the crowd and missing sizes on the day D (malicious I am!).

Have an amazing sunday and a great week !


IMG_3663 IMG_3664  IMG_3679  IMG_3699



  1. 16/12/15 / 8 h 39 min

    Ah sorry, I’ve just forget to answer your question:
    The lipstick is from “P2”. 🙂
    I don’t know if you can buy it in your country :/

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      16/12/15 / 9 h 00 min

      Oh thank you ! I will have a look 😉 x

  2. 18/12/15 / 12 h 03 min

    very chic! I adore gray with black and this is the perfect versatile dress. I love how simple it is but has big impact!

    Love, Mary

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